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The 5 Best Fall Recipes For Your Pressure Cooker

A pressure cooker is the secret ingredient for chefs who are serious about getting any job done no matter the limits of time and space in their kitchen. Pressure cookers are programmed with dozens of automatic cooking settings. They allow you to simply prep, drop and leave while the device does the hard work of perfectly preparing your meals. As Fall brings cool weather and more family gatherings, you will want to beef up your rotation of dishes with a pressure cooker that can take the pressure off of your top-cheffing shoulders. This blog will give you 5 of the best fall recipes for your pressure cooker, including hearty classics, warm fall flavors, and nutritious favorites.

1. Brisket with Root Vegetables

This delicious classic family meal serves 4 to 6 with about 3 pounds of first cut brisket, vegetables, and seasoning. Once it’s time to drop the ingredients into the rapid pressure cooker, you will be amazed at how quickly and perfectly your brisket comes out. No more constant check-ins and thermometer testing over a hot oven. Your pressure cooker will heat your brisket to the perfect temperature every time, down to the exact second. Your family and guests will rave about your cooking skills after tasting the perfectly tenderized brisket and medley of flavors that transport them back to the dining room table of their childhood. Nothing says autumn quite like a big hot bowl of stew with seasonal vegetables.

2. Short Ribs Bordelaise

This delicious classic serves 6 to 8 with a delicious dash of French taste. Sophisticated hints of garlic and dry red wine will take your dinner guests for a wild ride around the world while the perfectly cooked ribs fall off of the bone and into their smiling faces as they ask what grill you used to prepare their perfect ribs. This hearty fall dish will warm you from the inside out!

3. Traditional Chili

As the temperature drops, traditional chili is a fast and affordable main course. Or, it can be a quick snack full of protein and deliciousness. Fall means football season, and there is nothing better than a big vat of chili on game day. You can add it onto nachos, or serve it over pasta as a main course. The Sirena rapid pot pressure cooker will make tastes-like-it-cooked-all-day chili in minutes.

4. Butternut Squash Soup

Soup is the perfect remedy for chilly days or a family member who is feeling under the weather. This dish will please a crowd, and the butternut squash is a budget-friendly ingredient to stock up on. The rich taste that the pressure cooker creates seems almost unbelievable in the short amount of time it takes. 

5. Red Beans and Rice

When you need a solid side dish or snack, red beans and rice is the perfect combination of protein, carbs, and bold flavors to brighten your day and complement whatever main dish your pair it with. You can spice it up with andouille sausage, or any type of meat you like! Serve it with fish, shrimp, or chicken. Beans can take all day to cook. But, with a Sirena pressure cooker, this comforting fall favorite will be ready in a snap.

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