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Sirena vs Rainbow

If you have ever experienced allergies you know they can cause much discomfort. Allergies have been linked to dust, pet hair and other particles that can aggravate those who are sensitive. As a part of eliminating allergens from the home, more vacuum cleaner companies are using a water filtration system. Determining which vacuum cleaner company to use can be daunting, especially when comparing Sirena vs. Rainbow.

Why Use Water Filtration Vacuums?

When differentiating between traditional vacuum cleaners and water vacuums – either Sirena or Rainbow – it all comes down to the filtration system.

Unlike standard vacuum cleaners that rely on bags or empty bins to collect dirt and other particles, water-based filtration vacuums force vacuumed air into a water reservoir. There, dirt, dust, and other allergen sources are trapped in the water. Once this happens, the particles are unable to be blown back in the air. Looking for a hypoallergenic vacuum isn’t a bad idea for those who suffer from allergies or asthma. The vacuum can eradicate dust from the home as opposed to sucking it in and blowing it back out.

Sirena Vacuum vs
Rainbow Vacuum

Now, let’s take a look at Sirena vs. Rainbow water-based vacuum cleaners. The Sirena vacuum cleaner is designed and engineered for total home cleaning. The vacuum uses a water-based filtration system that won’t clog as you go. Thanks to this water-based filtration technology, you will have 100% uncompromised airflow to ensure a deep and thorough clean.

The Sirena vacuum’s power allows for you to clean your entire home without the need for any chemicals. There are no rugs, carpets, hard surfaces or upholstery that can derail the power of Sirena vacuums. In addition, the Sirena vacuum also comes with multiple attachment heads and nozzles that are designed to clean all different types of surfaces and reach every corner of your home.

On the other hand, though, the Rainbow model vacuums come with simplified attachments in comparison to predecessors. Newer models no longer come with curved wands. This is somewhat unfortunate because the wands can be incredibly helpful for cleaning those hard-to reach-places.

In order to ease the decision in purchasing a Sirena vs. Rainbow vacuum, one should know about the abundant advantages of buying a Sirena.

  • The Sirena vacuum is 2-3 times less expensive than the Rainbow model. Granted, consumers may find discounts, but at the regular retail price, the Rainbow is three times more expensive than Sirena.
  • Sirena vacuums come with much larger water reservoirs. It is almost double the size of that in a Rainbow vacuum. Rainbow vacuums can be equipped with larger water reservoirs, but as an additional purchase.
  • The Sirena vacuums offer a longer warranty. Even though both companies produce products that will last a long time, the Sirena offers a 10-year motor warranty. This is in contrast to Rainbow’s 8-year warranty.
  • Sirena vacuums come with a curved wand, while the Rainbow does not.
  • Weight
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Two Speed Motor
  • Wet Spill Pick-Up
  • Water + HEPA Filtration
  • Air Purifier
  • Aromatize and Deodorize
  • Dedicated Wet/Dry Hose
  • Curved Wand


  • 17.2 lbs.
  • $3000 - $4000

  • Weight
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Two Speed Motor
  • Wet Spill Pick-Up
  • Water + HEPA Filtration
  • Air Purifier
  • Aromatize and Deodorize
  • Dedicated Wet/Dry Hose
  • Curved Wand


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  • 14 lbs.
  • Starting From $598

  • 17.2 lbs.
  • $3000 - $4000

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When you are looking to invest in a new vacuum for your home, visit the Sirena website to review all of our options and order online today.

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Advantages of Buying the Sirena Over the Rainbow

  • The Sirena Vacuum Cleaner is 3 times less expensive than the Rainbow coming in at below $1000! This is because the business model of Sirena is direct to consumer. Unlike the Rainbow’s Direct Sales business model, there are no middlemen that must be paid on each sale.
  • The Sirena comes with a much larger water reservoir: the water basin of the Sirena is 3.7 quarts, which is almost double the size of the Rainbow 2-quart basin.
  • The Sirena has a longer warranty: both machines are designed to last you a long time. However, the Sirena vacuum offers a 10-year motor warranty compared to 4 years for the Rainbow vacuum.
  • The Sirena comes with a curved wand; the Rainbow does not.

Both machines perform well and can transform your home into a truly clean and allergen-free environment. Before Sirena, water vacuums were extremely expensive due to, in part, the direct sales business model. We wanted to change that and created a high-quality water vacuum at a much lower price point. Our philosophy was that the performance and health benefits of water-based vacuums should be affordable for the average person.

One of the greatest advantages of purchasing a Sirena Vacuum over a Rainbow Vacuum is that you are working DIRECTLY with the manufacturer for warranty work! There are no middlemen or repair facilities you have to deal with to get your Sirena fixed! We simply send you a prepaid label to mail you Sirena vacuum to us and we will have it fixed, and it’s on its way back to you within 72 hours of receiving it.

The Sirena Vacuum Cleaner is a superior product and costs a third of the price of the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner. It has a much larger water basin which means you can clean for longer before having to replace the water. The 10-year warranty on the Sirena motor is unmatched by the competition and serves as a proof of our confidence in our vacuum cleaner. That’s incredible value to match the incredible performance.

Sirena Total Home Cleaning System

The Sirena is a bag-less vacuum cleaner that uses state-of-the-art water-based filtration technology to remove dust, dirt, allergens, and bad odors. It cleans not only carpets and floors but also furniture, walls, ceilings, and even the air itself!

Water And HEPA Based Technology

Never buy bags again! Sirena uses water instead of bags to capture dust and dirt.

High And Low Speed Modes

High speed is for general cleaning, low speed is for deodorizing or aromatizing the air.

Great For Reducing Allergies

Designed to reduce allergies by eliminating dust mites and pet hair from your carpets.

100% Cleaning Efficiency

Water never clogs, so your Sirena will always provide maximum airflow and suction power!.

We’re Dedicated To 100% Cleaning Efficiency

Why are we and our customers so confident in the Sirena system? Simply put, we have done the research and learned that water never clogs. By designing the Sirena vacuum to run on the natural power of water, we make the cleaning process easy and mess-free.

It’s time to stop settling for stubborn odors, annoying allergy irritants, and pesky pet hair. Sirena has the perfect vacuum for you to keep your home happy and allergy-free.

Shop our Sirena System cleaning products to purify every part of your life.

Sirena Vacuum Cleaner eliminates the widest range of pollutants, including viruses & chemicals, compared to conventional vacuum cleaners




VOC Gases




Black Mold

Pet Hair

Dust Mite Droppings

Tobacco Smoke

Burnt Food Smell

What Our Customers Say

Sirena is the new era in home cleaning equipment. I am very excited and impressed to have this as part of my collection. I have used it every day since I got it. No one will ever be sorry they invested in one!

- Tom Gasko, St. James, Missouri

I love my vacuum. I never realized how much dog hair was being left in my carpets. I have 2 German shepherds. They shed 365 days per year. I have gone through many vacuums over the years. I thought my vacuum I had now was getting the job done. Boy was I wrong. Thank you for the best vacuum on the market with a great price.

- Annette Shannon, Jefferson City, Tennessee

I have been in the market researching different products and other brand vacuums. I decided I would give Sirena a try. The product arrived quickly within 1 week of purchase. The vacuum itself came with all the parts and attachments needed. The directions were easy to follow and the vacuum was up and running within 10 minutes. I have never had a vacuum with such great suction. The amount of hair, dirt, and pollen the vacuum extracts from carpet and hardwood is amazing. For allergy sufferers this product is worth every penny!

- Emily Romano, Yardley, Pennsylvania

This vacuum so far has been one of the best I’ve ever had in my life and I can already tell a difference in the air quality of my home. The air purifiers have also been terrific and I’m very happy with my purchases. I was wanting a Rainbow but after discovering the Sirena I’m super happy with the decision I’ve made.

- Clayton Haslett, Effingham, Illinois

Definitely a 5-star vacuum! My wife's family has had a Rainbow vacuum for years, and it works great...BUT, the Sirena vacuum is definitely its equal if not better! Great suction power and a VERY clean house! I would recommend it to anyone! (and I already have!) Keep up the great products!

- Andre Leblond, Loganville, Georgia

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2031 reviews
David Stoddard (North Branch, MN)
Recently purchased a Sirena vacume cleaner

Since it is just a few days since I have received this vacume cleaner, and so far only used it once, I dont really know that much about the good, the bad, ect, but so far I am impressed with the machine.. It certainly does the job as I have been told would.

KMc (Oyster Bay, NY)
Now, that's what I call a vacuum cleaner

I have never seen so much hair and dirt get collected by a vacuum cleaner. I have two cats and a dog, so there is plenty to pick up. The carpet nozzle works on the runner on the stairs, something my Shark never did. And I love having a hardwood brush in addition to the electrified carpet attachment to really clean the hardwood floors. Totally worth the price, although disgusting to dump the dirty, hairy water.

James Hukill
House warming gift

I do not personally use the product but gave it as a gift because she has a new home and cats , it the only time In my life i gifted a vacuum cleaner and she was excited. She said it was an amazing product. Could not have been happier !

Zaharoula Kotsios (Rincon, GA)
Wonderful product!

I had a rainbow vacuum cleaner for over 20 years until the motor gave out. I didn’t think I would be able to find a replacement product. Turns out the Sirena is a better product that works absolutely great. I’m so glad I found your company.

Tim Stoffel (Detroit, MI)

Light, does a nice job

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