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Pets of Sirena: Dumbledore

When it’s your job to produce and sell the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair in the world, you know a thing or two about keeping a happy, healthy home for your furry friend. That’s because Sirena is the expert in creating a world-class vacuum for pet owners. 

For Sirena, the idea of a pet-friendly office setting is a no-brainer. Our pet-friendly policy allows associates to bring their furry best friends with them to work because we have the tools to keep our surfaces and air supply free of irritants that will trigger allergy sufferers or sensitive sniffers who don’t like your pet pal’s natural perfume. So, this blog will introduce you to our employees’ special friends, thanking them for their part in helping us understand how to make the best water vacuum for pets.  

Meet Dumbledore

Dumbledore is a badass cat that has been casting lovable spells on all of us for two years now. Dumbledore’s pet parent is a warehouse manager at Sirena who adopted the wise wizard of all things feline with a noticeable scar on the ear. Dumbledore loves to chow down on tuna, chill in the hammock, and be super-duper awesome both at home and in the office.

The Office’s Purr-fect Personality

Dumbledore is wise beyond his years and has energy levels that defy logic for an ancient wizard. He prances through the Sirena office with the grace of a private school’s headmaster, wooing workers with an endless array of spells that befall us with instant smiles, laughs, and “awws.”

On long days and through tough stretches in the process, a simple meow or nudge of love can be enough to turn your day around. Dumbledore is especially good at raising morale around the office. Perhaps it’s his gentle leadership skills or just his striking good looks, but there is a real change in office vibes when Sirena’s senior wizard is in the building.

Anytime we get word that Dumbledore will be blessing us with his presence in the office, cans of tuna line the entire office as the Sirena team competes for the affection of their furry wizard king. Showering him with gifts and attention is the only way we know to let him know how much we appreciate him.

We Make Sirena Products For Pets Like Dumbledore

At Sirena, our staff loves and values pets for the positivity they bring to our lives. Our little buddies love us with all of their hearts and it’s our responsibility to return the same love and care in whatever ways we can. We keep our furry friends close as we work to build the very best vacuum cleaners for pet hair.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2008 reviews
Sarah G. (Schaumburg, IL)
My new recertified Sirena

I am so thrilled with my recertified Sirena. I am absolutely shocked with how pristine my recertified purchase is! This vacuum looks and runs, like a new machine! It's in perfect working order. I was so fed up with machines that had no suction. I swore that no matter what I had to do I would find a machine that worked! I was nervous to buy online, but many years ago my mother had a water filtration unit & absolutely swore it was the best. Even though I could not be sure, I decided to buy one through the recertified option. I felt I could deal with a nick or two if it meant I got a machine with good suction. Well, I didn't get good, I got great! The machine is much quieter than I thought it would be, and I love the suction power. It really works!! I will admit that it is a bit more effort to properly make sure you empty the water and store main unit with out water reservoir, but the job it's doing is amazing. I feel like crying over all the money I wasted having to repeatedly buy new machines, but I won't cause I'm so happy now. Oh, and watch the videos! They are super helpful if you have a question! Worth every penny I paid this time! 😆

Susan Vogt (Sioux Falls, SD)

I really love this vaccine I’m still learning all about it but it has helped me out so much with removing pet hair and helping me clean my home all in one and I dnt have to swap between cleaning vacumes

Ramona Bosquez (Guymon, OK)

Sirena Vacuum Cleaner

Gabriela Renteria (Queen Creek, AZ)
Love it!

When I was younger my mom had the Rainbow vacuum and that’s when I was exposed to the water vacuum but now being an adult with my own family and allergies I wanted a vacuum that worked well like when I was a child however a rainbow is much more expensive! When I got my Sirena I was impressed at how comparable it is to the rainbow for half the cost if not more! Our air felt cleaner, the amount of dirt it picked up was amazing! I’m very pleased so far!

Debbie Pierce (Lexington, TN)

I love this vacume, I have bought the Twisters love them to

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