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To help you get the best use out of your Sirena System, we recorded a video library that will walk you through how to get the best use from your products.

You already know that your Sirena is the best water vacuum cleaner on the market. Now it’s time to explore all the ways you can purify your home with your new Sirena. Simply watch the videos below to learn every high-powered natural cleaning feature you now have in your arsenal.

Quick Start Guide

A quick 6-video series on how to use your new Sirena Vacuum Cleaner.

Sirena Video Library

Sirena Water Vacuum featured on Forbes Living

Original Sirena Vacuum Promo Video (2013)

Sirena Technology Overview

Sirena Vacuum Use & Care Guide

Sirena Vacuum VS Bags

Sirena Vacuum VS Filters

How To Use Fragrances and Deodorizer

How To Use The Turbo Brush

Sirena Vacuum Videos by FIX IT Home Improvement Channel

Sirena Water Vacuum

Maintaining Sirena Vacuum

Replacing the Belt

As soon as you get your Sirena, you should watch our six-video series that gives a thorough breakdown of every part of the purchase and cleaning process. Learn how to access your warranty, what to do before first use set-up, how to attach and assemble the power nozzle, wet and dry hoses, and get the best out of the different speed modes and deodorizers.

You will also get a detailed visual tutorial of how to use your Sirena for other home tasks like inflating pool toys, balls, and other items. The turbo brush is a must-have feature for pet owners that will be easily explained by our video. Inflate air mattresses quickly or blow up a whole party’s worth of balloons in no time.

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What Our Customers Say

Sirena is the new era in home cleaning equipment. I am very excited and impressed to have this as part of my collection. I have used it every day since I got it. No one will ever be sorry they invested in one!

- Tom Gasko, St. James, Missouri

I love my vacuum. I never realized how much dog hair was being left in my carpets. I have 2 German shepherds. They shed 365 days per year. I have gone through many vacuums over the years. I thought my vacuum I had now was getting the job done. Boy was I wrong. Thank you for the best vacuum on the market with a great price.

- Annette Shannon, Jefferson City, Tennessee

I have been in the market researching different products and other brand vacuums. I decided I would give Sirena a try. The product arrived quickly within 1 week of purchase. The vacuum itself came with all the parts and attachments needed. The directions were easy to follow and the vacuum was up and running within 10 minutes. I have never had a vacuum with such great suction. The amount of hair, dirt, and pollen the vacuum extracts from carpet and hardwood is amazing. For allergy sufferers this product is worth every penny!

- Emily Romano, Yardley, Pennsylvania

This vacuum so far has been one of the best I’ve ever had in my life and I can already tell a difference in the air quality of my home. The air purifiers have also been terrific and I’m very happy with my purchases. I was wanting a Rainbow but after discovering the Sirena I’m super happy with the decision I’ve made.

- Clayton Haslett, Effingham, Illinois

Definitely a 5-star vacuum! My wife's family has had a Rainbow vacuum for years, and it works great...BUT, the Sirena vacuum is definitely its equal if not better! Great suction power and a VERY clean house! I would recommend it to anyone! (and I already have!) Keep up the great products!

- Andre Leblond, Loganville, Georgia

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