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How It Works

Not Your Average Vacuum Cleaner

Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners, the Sirena vacuum uses water instead of bags and filters to trap dust, dirt, and allergens. The air is water-washed and vented fresh and clean back into your home.

Even if you are not familiar with using a water vacuum cleaner, our team of professionals at Sirena can walk you through the process of use step by step. Our team can also explain in detail how the machine functions during use and how to safely care for and store your Sirena vacuum. We’re proud to say that our line of products are not the typical models that you can just find in any store.

Traditional vacuum cleaners use messy bags to trap dust, dirt, and other particles while the Sirena vacuum uses a water-based system to perform the same duty but in a neater and more eco-friendly way.

Water Vacuum Technology


The powerful Sirena motor provides 1000W of suction power.

Dust, dirt, pet hair, and other contaminants are sucked into the basin.


The basin holds up to 3.5 liters of clean water.

Once the dirt hits the water it's trapped. The rapidly spinning separator prevents the water from entering the motor.


The air is vented through a HEPA filter.

The washable HEPA filter captures the odd particles that didn't get trapped in the water basin (usually < 0.01% of all particles). The clean air is then vented out.

The Sirena Water Vacuum Cleaner

While it seems complicated, water vacuum technology is simple at its core. Basically, dirt and particles are drawn into the device, trapped in the water basin, and then run through a backup HEPA filter before venting clean air into your home. Once the dirt hits the water it is not going anywhere. With the Sirena vacuum, roughly 99.99% of all contaminants are captured by the water in the basin, and only 0.01% reach the HEPA filter which is a backup filtration method.

The Sirena vacuum cleaner’s powerful motor provides 1000W of suction power, allowing dirt, dust, pet hair, and other contaminants to be sucked into the 3.5-liter basin of clean water easily. Once the dirt hits the water it becomes trapped and the rapidly spinning separator prevents the water from entering the motor. Clean air is captured by the water in the basin, and only 0.01% reach the HEPA filter which is a backup filtration method

How To Use Your Sirena

Using The Sirena Water Vacuum Cleaner

Follow these step-by-step procedures for using your Sirena water vacuum cleaner to
get the most out of your new device.

Step 1: Fill The Basin

Fill the basin with regular tap water. You want to make sure the water level is above the “min” and below the “max” at the same time. Keep a watchful eye on the “max” line if you plan on picking up liquids. The “max” line is a clear indication of the highest amount of liquid that the basin can hold. If the liquid goes over the max line, the basin must be emptied.

Step 2: Add Optional Fragrances Or Deodorizer

Add optional fragrances or deodorizers. If you are looking for more of a fresh scent, feel free to add these pleasant fragrances to aromatize the air or remove unwanted odors. We strongly advise that the only additives certified to be used with the Sirena vacuum are the Sirena Fragrances and the Ocean Breeze deodorizer. Essential oils or 3rd-party fragrances may cause damage to or discoloration of the basin.

Step 3: Assemble Your Sirena Vacuum

You are then ready to assemble your vacuum. Use the clamps to secure the main unit to the water basin. Put the unit with the basin attached to it on the dolly and don’t forget to attach the power nozzle.You are now ready to start cleaning your home.

Step 4: Harness The Power Of Nature To Clean Your Home

Mix and match hoses, extension wands, and attachments to reach everywhere and clean everything around the house. The floor brush works best on hard surfaces while the Power Nozzle is unmatched on carpets. Stacking all extension wands together will let you reach up to 12 ft (3.65 m) in the air. You can even connect a hose to the exhaust and turn your Sirena into a powerful blower!

Step 5: Look Inside The Basin To Find Out How Dirty Your Carpets Really Were

All done? Detach the main unit from the basin and take a look inside. Do you know the feeling of being simultaneously grossed out and immensely satisfied? That’s what you’ll experience when you see the water after using your Sirena vacuum for the first time. Remember, everything you see in the water was on your carpets, floors, and furniture!

Step 6: Discard The Dirty Water And Clean The Basin

There are 3 ways to discard the dirty water:

  • Dump the water outside in your backyard.
  • Flush the water in the toilet (in most cases it’s completely safe and won’t clog your pipes).
  • Carefully drain the water (tip: use cheesecloth or a strainer) and throw the leftover solid debris in the garbage (recommended if you’re not comfortable flushing everything in the toilet).

Once you’ve discarded the dirty water, wash the inside of the basin with warm water and dry with a rug or let air dry. DO NOT store the basin attached to the main Sirena unit! Doing so will create an air-tight seal which will cause mold and mildew growth inside the basin over time and result in bad smell and discoloration of the plastic.

If you have any trouble assembling your Sirena water vacuum cleaner, we have a team available to take your calls and walk you through the process.

What Our Customers Say

Sirena is the new era in home cleaning equipment. I am very excited and impressed to have this as part of my collection. I have used it every day since I got it. No one will ever be sorry they invested in one!

- Tom Gasko, St. James, Missouri

I love my vacuum. I never realized how much dog hair was being left in my carpets. I have 2 German shepherds. They shed 365 days per year. I have gone through many vacuums over the years. I thought my vacuum I had now was getting the job done. Boy was I wrong. Thank you for the best vacuum on the market with a great price.

- Annette Shannon, Jefferson City, Tennessee

I have been in the market researching different products and other brand vacuums. I decided I would give Sirena a try. The product arrived quickly within 1 week of purchase. The vacuum itself came with all the parts and attachments needed. The directions were easy to follow and the vacuum was up and running within 10 minutes. I have never had a vacuum with such great suction. The amount of hair, dirt, and pollen the vacuum extracts from carpet and hardwood is amazing. For allergy sufferers this product is worth every penny!

- Emily Romano, Yardley, Pennsylvania

This vacuum so far has been one of the best I’ve ever had in my life and I can already tell a difference in the air quality of my home. The air purifiers have also been terrific and I’m very happy with my purchases. I was wanting a Rainbow but after discovering the Sirena I’m super happy with the decision I’ve made.

- Clayton Haslett, Effingham, Illinois

Definitely a 5-star vacuum! My wife's family has had a Rainbow vacuum for years, and it works great...BUT, the Sirena vacuum is definitely its equal if not better! Great suction power and a VERY clean house! I would recommend it to anyone! (and I already have!) Keep up the great products!

- Andre Leblond, Loganville, Georgia

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