The Knife Set

Knife Skills 101: 6 Best Techniques And The Knife Set You Need To Do It Right

Every chef needs a high-quality selection of knives to handle all the different cuts their recipes call for. Chopping thin veggies and slicing thick cuts of meat are not identical tasks. It takes the right tools to do it right and safely. 

The Knife Set

Keep Knives Sharp And Clean

The first step to elite knife use is to invest in a good set of knives that you take consistent care of. Sharpening and cleaning your knives before and after use should be second nature to you for a number of reasons. Raw meats and other ingredients that you will be preparing require very diligent cleaning to avoid foodborne illness. With extended use, you will dull the blade of your knife. To safely and efficiently use your knives for years to come, set aside time to sharpen your knives. You will see the difference in the short and long term!

Safe And Secure Cutting Board

For clean and steady cutting surfaces, it’s best to trust a cutting board that will not slide or get damaged by your knives. Wooden and synthetic cutting boards can survive extended use and are very affordable to replace. As long as you consistently clean your board between uses, it will be an essential part of keeping your cutting space safe.

Always Take Your Time

Never work at a rushed or reckless pace while cutting. Make slow and deliberate motions and let the knife do the hard work.

Hold The Knife In Your Writing Hand

Whatever hand is dominant, always use it to hold your knife. Even if that hand feels tired, add padding or take a break. Using your non-dominant hand is a sure way to slip and cause serious injury. 

Know How To Position Your Hands Safely

Safely place your off-hand on the item being cut and secure it with considerable weight. Tuck your fingers out of the blade’s direct path at all times. Never take your eyes off of what you’re cutting, and keep the area around you clear. As you cut, hold the knife softly to avoid wearing down the skin and muscles in your hand with constant pressure and tenseness. There are various ways to hold the food you are cutting depending on the desired cut, holds like The Claw, The Crosschop and The Bridge should be studied if you are not sure how to approach a particular cut.

Don’t Leave Your Knives Lying Around

Never leave knives out of their holder. Leaving a knife in a pile of dishes or soapy water is a sure way to cause serious injury. Stay safe and find a knife holder, sheath, and kitchen routine that is proactive about preventing knife injuries before they happen.

The Knife Set

Sirena Has The Best Selection Of Knives Online

Don’t settle for mediocre quality when it comes to your knives. Order the Sirena Elite Knife Set to elevate your chef potential instantly, and add the Sirena Sharpener to take care of your elite set for years to come. The entire Sirena Kitchenware bundle will make any part-time chef capable of heroic feats in the kitchen.

What Our Customers Say

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