vacuum cleaner for apartment

Live In An Apartment? These 6 Cleaning Tips Will Make Life Easier

Cleaning an apartment can be difficult and time-consuming. In fact, the nature of homes can mean that cracks, crevices, holes, and gaps are everywhere. With a plethora of furniture packed into the apartment, cleaning can quickly become a daunting task. Nonetheless, following a few cleaning tips, like using the right vacuum cleaner for an apartment, can make your life much easier when cleaning.

vacuum cleaner for apartment

1. Use a Vacuum Cleaner for Apartments 

Using a vacuum cleaner for an apartment will ensure that your cleaning capacity is increased tenfold. The water vacuum from Sirena is a vacuum cleaner for apartments that uses advanced tools like upholstery brushes, dusting brushes, floor brushes, elbow wands, and much more without sacrificing suction power to make your life a little easier. 

Although the Sirena vacuum is large in stature, its long hose and 8-1 cleaning system are designed to make cleaning a much more efficient process. It is easy to wheel around and it completes multiple jobs at the same time as it filters 99.99% of allergens, purifying the air as you go.

2. Pick Up Stains with an Iron

One hack you should consider taking advantage of is removing stains with an iron. By combining one part vinegar with two parts water, spraying a stained area with it, covering the stain will a damp cloth, and finally ironing over the cloth on the steam setting for half a minute, your apartment stains will lift with ease. This hack has taken social media by storm, picking up stains for apartment owners and renters for years. 

3. Work Room to Room

Tackling each room one by one is a good way to efficiently clean your apartment. By using this method, it will be much easier to keep track of what you have and have not done. You will devote your entire attention span to each space, cleaning in a more efficient and faster way. By finishing each room, the accomplishment of a completely cleaned space will give you the motivation to continue cleaning. 

4. Start Cleaning from the Top Down

By starting to clean from the top of a room, you slowly knock dust and debris to the lower sections of your apartment. As you move further and further down, you will pick up this excess and avoid soiling any spaces you have already cleaned.

5. Get Rid of Pet Hair with a Pet Hair Brush

As technology in the world of homecare continues to advance, new products and accessories are developed every day. The pet hair brush is one of these, easily connecting to vacuum cleaners for apartments without extra electrical connections. This tool can be used to easily pick up and get rid of pet hair that will eventually be captured by the spinning water filter of a water vacuum. 

6. Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh with a Deodorizer or Fragrance

Deodorizers and fragrances are liquids you can add to water vacuums to keep your apartment smelling clean and fresh. As apartments are usually smaller areas than homes, turning your water vacuum cleaner on for only a few minutes will transform the space into an apple orchard or tropical beach using the power of pleasant aromas.

vacuum cleaner for apartment

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2028 reviews
Zaharoula Kotsios (Rincon, GA)
Wonderful product!

I had a rainbow vacuum cleaner for over 20 years until the motor gave out. I didn’t think I would be able to find a replacement product. Turns out the Sirena is a better product that works absolutely great. I’m so glad I found your company.

Tim Stoffel (Detroit, MI)

Light, does a nice job

Karen Brady (Palm Coast, FL)

So thrilled to get my new Sirena vacuum. Years ago my mother had a rexair which was the same water principal. I've wanted one ever since. Now I have it! Have used it twice so far with excellent results. I feel I can breathe better plus the suction is terrific for getting up pet hair and such. I am an avid quilter so this vacuum gets all those little threads and lint balls that fly everywhere. Love it!

P.M. (Rockwood, ON)
The Best Vacuum for a whole new meaning to clean

I purchased the sirena vacuum a couple of years ago and I absolutely love it. The air seems cleaner after vacuuming. So I just purchased the sirena cordless vacuum. This is why sirena only got 4 stars. My one and only problem with the cordless vacuum is that it is a little bit short. Maybe just me but it feels like it should be longer. But awesome job sirena!! You out did filter queen and I did not think that was possible. Thank you Sirena!!

Robert Howard (Denver, CO)
Very Good Machine

Been using an upright for years that has HEPA filters. The filters have to be cleaned regularly and dust still seeps through and escapes back into the air. Wife has very sensitive nose and would leave the room
when I was vacuuming. The Sirena doesn’t allow any dust to escape and my wife is much happier now. The Sirena does require more storage space and set up time to get started vacuuming but works very well for cleaning.

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