Sirena Turbo Pet Hair Brush

Sirena Turbo Pet Hair Brush




Accompany your Sirena vacuum with this German-made Sirena tool. The Sirena Turbo Pet Hair Brush is an optional accessory for your Sirena Vacuum Cleaner that makes vacuuming mattresses and cleaning carpeted stairs, closets, even car salons easier than ever!

Sirena Turbo Pet Hair Brush for Carpet is entirely air-driven, which means there are no additional electrical connections. Simply attach it to any vacuum cleaner hose and it’s good to go!

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Elbert Lloyd G. Belen (Winnipeg, MB)
Turbo brush

Love it! Bought a lot of brush attachments for my central vac before, this one works really well in removing pet hair on my couch and interior felt liner of my car as well.

Amy Sherman (Toronto, ON)
Awesome attachment!

This thing works incredible, I love it on stairs and furniture. I'll be trying it on my car seats as well, I think it'll be perfect for that.

MaryB (Johnson City, TN)
Exceptional Power in the Palm of Your Hands!

The entire Sirena total cleaning system is hands down the BEST vacuum I've ever owned. And believe me I've owned many over the years!! This Turbo Pet Hair Brush, just like all of the attachments, is phenomenal. It's as powerful as the big powerhead but gives you handheld control. It sucks up pet hair like nobody's business in just one pass. The incredible suction of the Sirena really powers this air-driven tool, making it a dirt and hair-hungry mini clesning monster. A definite must-have addition to get when ordering the Sirena!

Sharon Graefe (Williford, AR)
Does it's job........

Was shocked to see the amount of cat and dog hair it took out of my carpet. Noticed the difference in the color and texture of my carpet. This is a have to have for pet owners.

Carla Miller (Canton, GA)
Pet hair brush

This is a great tool! It works wonderful on my fabric sofa as well as mattresses

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