holiday cleaning tips

5 Helpful Tips to Help With Holiday Cleaning

Looking for some holiday cleaning tips before you’re overwhelmed with stress and anxiety? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us around this time. The holiday season is a time of celebration, but it can also be one of the messiest times of the year. With so many people coming to visit, holiday parties, and family gatherings, this holiday season can leave your home in shambles if you’re not careful.

With these helpful tips for holiday cleaning from Sirena, we’ll show you how to best maintain your home during the holiday season, and keep it clean all year long.

holiday cleaning tips

5 Tips to Help With Holiday Cleaning:

1) Pay Attention to Detail

The holidays get so busy sometimes that we find ourselves distracted from things we normally wouldn’t miss. This is especially true when it comes to cleaning. Try to pay special attention to detail when cleaning your home over the holidays to ensure that you don’t miss any spots.

For example, holiday baking can leave a sticky residue along the edges of your countertops that are easily wiped off with a damp cloth or sponge, but often get overlooked in all the holiday hustle-and-bustle. There are also areas around your home where dust and debris tend to build-up like window sills or curtains. You can use the handy attachments and accessories with the Sirena water vacuum system that help you reach every nook and corner of your home so you miss nothing.

2) Use a Water Vacuum

Frequent vacuuming can be a drag, but it’s a necessary part of keeping your floors and other surfaces clean over the holidays. If you use a water vacuum, like the incredible Sirena products, you’ll clean deeper and faster than with a traditional vacuum. Traditional vacuums can actually make a mess with their bags and filters and can get clogged so that dust and dirt is released back into the air. Water vacuums don’t have these issues. The unwanted particles are trapped in the water in the basin of the vacuum and you simply dump the dirty water once you’re done cleaning.

The Sirena water vacuums are perfect for holiday cleaning because they can easily deep clean all kinds of surfaces, including hard floors, carpets, rugs, and upholstery. Plus, the powerful suction will help to remove any holiday messes quickly and easily so you can focus on celebrating! It can even clean up the wet spills that usually happen when libations are flowing.

3) Throw Away What You Don’t Need

It seems that no time of year reminds us of just how cluttered our houses can get more than the holidays. It doesn’t have to be that way, however, and it’s healthy to throw or give away what you don’t need or use. Try to see what things in your house truly bring you joy, and then get rid of the rest. You’ll be so glad that you did!

4) Light Some Candles or Incense

Though they won’t technically clean any part of your house, scented candles and/or incense will change the ambiance and mood of practically any space. A fresh scent will complement a clean home and can help to make the holiday season feel a little more cheerful. Try buying some candles or incense with a holiday-themed scent like trees, vanilla, or winter berries.

You could also add a pleasant aroma to your home while you clean! With the Sirena water vacuum, simply add a few drops of your favorite fragrance to the water basin and it will release a fresh and pleasing aroma as you vacuum or when used as an air purifier. We also offer the Twister Air Purifier that removes air contaminants and can add fragrance. Our Sirena Fragrance Pack or Ocean Breeze Deodorizer will have your home smelling clean before and after any holiday get togethers. The Fragrance Pack even includes a delightful pine fragrance perfect for the holiday season!

holiday cleaning tips

5) Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

With so much going on over the holidays it’s easy to overwhelm yourself with tasks, chores, and things to clean. Though you might feel like this is just part of the season, it doesn’t have to be. Enjoy the time you’re spending with friends and family, relax, and clean at your own pace and on your own time. Don’t feel like you have to clean everything from top to bottom all at once. Divide cleaning into zones and do a little at a time so it doesn’t seem like a daunting task.

With Sirena, you can clean your house in a manner that’s both thorough and easy to do, which should make everyone in the house happy. A clean house is a healthy house, and if you follow these helpful holiday cleaning tips, you should have both. Feel free to browse our products and find exactly what you need for the holiday season. Contact us here to learn more about our fabulous water vacuums and other products. You can also call us at 1-855-474-7362 with any questions or comments you may have. 

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Phyllis Roll (Zanesville, OH)

Sirena Vacuum Cleaner (Recertified)

David Stoddard (North Branch, MN)
Recently purchased a Sirena vacume cleaner

Since it is just a few days since I have received this vacume cleaner, and so far only used it once, I dont really know that much about the good, the bad, ect, but so far I am impressed with the machine.. It certainly does the job as I have been told would.

KMc (Oyster Bay, NY)
Now, that's what I call a vacuum cleaner

I have never seen so much hair and dirt get collected by a vacuum cleaner. I have two cats and a dog, so there is plenty to pick up. The carpet nozzle works on the runner on the stairs, something my Shark never did. And I love having a hardwood brush in addition to the electrified carpet attachment to really clean the hardwood floors. Totally worth the price, although disgusting to dump the dirty, hairy water.

James Hukill
House warming gift

I do not personally use the product but gave it as a gift because she has a new home and cats , it the only time In my life i gifted a vacuum cleaner and she was excited. She said it was an amazing product. Could not have been happier !

Zaharoula Kotsios (Rincon, GA)
Wonderful product!

I had a rainbow vacuum cleaner for over 20 years until the motor gave out. I didn’t think I would be able to find a replacement product. Turns out the Sirena is a better product that works absolutely great. I’m so glad I found your company.

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