my apartment making me sick

Is My Apartment Making Me Sick? 4 Ways to Combat Dust Mites, Dirty Air, & Allergens

The question “is my apartment making me sick?” is not something you want to find yourself asking. If you don’t have a strong immune system, you don’t clean thoroughly, and you don’t clean with the right tools, the answer is probably “yes”. You most likely won’t notice if your home is contaminated with dust mites and allergens until it is too late. And, you will already be feeling the effects. In this post, we will discuss how the average person can clean their house in order to prevent these harmful particles from staying on their surfaces and getting into the air.

my apartment making me sick

Here Are 4 Ways to Combat Harmful Particles That Make You Sick

Deep Clean With Sirena

The first thing that needs to be done is a deep cleaning of all surfaces with a Sirena water vacuum cleaner. These vacuums are designed specifically to deep clean both hard surfaces and soft surfaces. This makes them perfect for use in any apartment, condo, or house.

Carpets trap dust mites and other allergens deep within. They are also hard to clean if you don’t have the right tools. The Sirena water vacuum system is a canister vacuum that has a rotating floor brush with real horsehair bristles in the vacuum head to reach deep into carpets, but safe enough to not scratch hardwood floors. Once the vacuum collects the dirt, debris, and other unwanted particles, they pass into the water basin. They get trapped in the water and will not be released back into the air. A simple, traditional bagged vacuum cleaner may not do a thorough enough job to keep you from getting sick. A Sirena water vacuum will, plus it’s easier to clean and store.

Ventilate Better

It goes without saying that a well-ventilated house will typically have cleaner air. This is because poor air circulation is one of the main causes of poor indoor air quality. Air is supposed to move freely around your home, and it’s almost impossible for dust mites and other harmful particles to stay airborne if they’re constantly being pushed away by fresh oxygen-rich air molecules or even a simple ceiling fan.

Clean Your Mattress

When you ask “is my apartment making me sick?” ask yourself where you spend the most time while there and you’ll find your answer. Most of us spend the majority of our time at home either on our couch or in bed. This means that it is beyond imperative that you take the time to clean your mattress thoroughly, at least once a month.

As soon as you leave for work in the morning and come back home in the evening, microscopic dust mites have been multiplying on your sleeping surface with all of their feces and skin cells (gross). If this is allowed to continue unchecked, it can cause anything from minor health annoyances to serious illnesses.

my apartment making me sick

Use Powerful Disinfectants

It’s normal to lean towards hot water and maybe a little bit of simple soap while cleaning surfaces, but this won’t get things clean enough to keep you from getting sick. Powerful disinfectants are designed to kill all germs, including many you never knew were there. Be sure to spray disinfectant all over your surfaces, doorknobs, and anything you frequently touch, then let it sit for a while before wiping them clean.

Is my apartment making me sick, you ask? When it comes down to it, if it’s not properly cleaned and maintained, it probably is. Avoid this by ordering an incredible water vacuum from Sirena. To get started, order yours online here

Customer Reviews

Based on 2027 reviews
Tim Stoffel (Detroit, MI)

Light, does a nice job

Karen Brady (Palm Coast, FL)

So thrilled to get my new Sirena vacuum. Years ago my mother had a rexair which was the same water principal. I've wanted one ever since. Now I have it! Have used it twice so far with excellent results. I feel I can breathe better plus the suction is terrific for getting up pet hair and such. I am an avid quilter so this vacuum gets all those little threads and lint balls that fly everywhere. Love it!

P.M. (Rockwood, ON)
The Best Vacuum for a whole new meaning to clean

I purchased the sirena vacuum a couple of years ago and I absolutely love it. The air seems cleaner after vacuuming. So I just purchased the sirena cordless vacuum. This is why sirena only got 4 stars. My one and only problem with the cordless vacuum is that it is a little bit short. Maybe just me but it feels like it should be longer. But awesome job sirena!! You out did filter queen and I did not think that was possible. Thank you Sirena!!

Robert Howard (Denver, CO)
Very Good Machine

Been using an upright for years that has HEPA filters. The filters have to be cleaned regularly and dust still seeps through and escapes back into the air. Wife has very sensitive nose and would leave the room
when I was vacuuming. The Sirena doesn’t allow any dust to escape and my wife is much happier now. The Sirena does require more storage space and set up time to get started vacuuming but works very well for cleaning.

Martha Stapleton (Pineville, KY)
Happy customer

My old Rainbow vac died on me after 30 + years of service. I was searching for something similar and found the Sirena. It was delievered very quickly after ordering on line. It was just what I wanted, similar to my old friend but better In Several ways. The price compared to another brand was great and the pick up is far better. I’m a happy customer.

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