Water Vacuum Cleaner

Unique Ways You Can Use the Water Vacuum Cleaner

You may not realize that your water vacuum cleaner has more uses than simply cleaning up dust and dirt from your floor. After all, vacuums all have suction features that can suck up almost anything. There are also attachments that allow you to do more than just clean your floor. 

Because of these features, we’ve listed some areas of your home below where you can put your vacuum cleaner – especially a water vacuum cleaner – to good use. Some of these areas may only work with certain vacuums and attachments. 

Water Vacuum Cleaner

Clean Curtains With Your Water Vacuum Cleaner

One of the areas of your home that accumulates the most amount of dust aside from the floor is your curtains. Over time this can cause health concerns for everyone in the home as the debris and dust are being ventilated through the home. You can use a water vacuum cleaner with an attachment to easily clean those curtains without having to remove them. In some cases, you may want to take the curtains down to get every single spot. 

Clean Carpets

This one might feel like a no-brainer but some people are unaware that vacuums can be used to clean carpets and not just floors. The water vacuum cleaner will be able to effortlessly pick up dust, debris, pet hair, and even small objects from a carpet’s surface. Sirena’s water vacuum is equipped to work perfectly on all types of carpets, from short to shag.

Freshen The Air

With a water vacuum cleaner, you will be freshening the air by water-washing the air. What is water washing you may ask? The air filled with debris and dirt is pushed through the water filtration mechanism, and is then released back into the home clean and free of dust and other airborne allergens. In traditional vacuums, some people add a couple of drops of essential oils to a cotton ball which is then placed in the dust cup. This is not a way to filter or clean the air but only to add a scent. 

When you use a Sirena vacuum cleaner, you can add some of our ocean breeze deodorizer to the water basin, so that you can purify and freshen the air while you clean. 

Improve Your Allergies

Allergies can be easily triggered by dust and dirt, especially when it is being spread through air vents, carpets, and curtains. Pollen may have also made its way indoors, causing seasonal allergies to flare up. If your vacuum has an attachment, you can use this to vacuum window tracks, window screens, and windowsills. This will remove pollen, dust, and other allergens. You may also want to vacuum fans, heating vents, radiators, and air conditioning units. They are some of the biggest spreaders of dust and allergens in homes. Do not let them go untreated. 

Insect Control with Water Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuuming can reduce the number of insects found in the home. Vacuums cannot tell the difference between a dust mite and pet hair. They simply suck up everything in their wake. Spider webs found behind areas with less traffic can also be areas to put your vacuum to use. A spider web found in a ceiling corner will require a telescoping wand. 

Clean Your Car

Dealerships will often use high-powered vacuums when detailing your car. Instead, depending on your car and your vacuum, you may be able to detail your own car. The Sirena Turbo Brush attachment is perfect for cleaning car salons, and anywhere else you need nimble, easy-to-use cleaning power.

Water Vacuum Cleaner

Find the Best Water Vacuum Cleaner 

A water vacuum cleaner has many purposes. But, its main purpose is keeping your home clean and the air inside fresh and free of allergens. The Sirena Vacuum Cleaner is specifically designed to clean all of your home’s surfaces and remove air contaminants. 

If you’re considering purchasing our Sirena vacuum cleaner or any other Sirena product, feel free to browse our online store.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2032 reviews
Phyllis Roll (Zanesville, OH)

Sirena Vacuum Cleaner (Recertified)

David Stoddard (North Branch, MN)
Recently purchased a Sirena vacume cleaner

Since it is just a few days since I have received this vacume cleaner, and so far only used it once, I dont really know that much about the good, the bad, ect, but so far I am impressed with the machine.. It certainly does the job as I have been told would.

KMc (Oyster Bay, NY)
Now, that's what I call a vacuum cleaner

I have never seen so much hair and dirt get collected by a vacuum cleaner. I have two cats and a dog, so there is plenty to pick up. The carpet nozzle works on the runner on the stairs, something my Shark never did. And I love having a hardwood brush in addition to the electrified carpet attachment to really clean the hardwood floors. Totally worth the price, although disgusting to dump the dirty, hairy water.

James Hukill
House warming gift

I do not personally use the product but gave it as a gift because she has a new home and cats , it the only time In my life i gifted a vacuum cleaner and she was excited. She said it was an amazing product. Could not have been happier !

Zaharoula Kotsios (Rincon, GA)
Wonderful product!

I had a rainbow vacuum cleaner for over 20 years until the motor gave out. I didn’t think I would be able to find a replacement product. Turns out the Sirena is a better product that works absolutely great. I’m so glad I found your company.

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