Make Summer Cleaning Easy

Tips to Make Summer Cleaning Easy

Summer can bring with it nice weather and more outdoor activities. Even though you are spending more time outdoors with your family, this does not mean that you should neglect cleaning the inside of your home. The summer weather can make your home dirtier. But worry not, for there are ways to make summer cleaning easy and keep your home clean during the summer.

Make Summer Cleaning Easy

Dust as Often as Possible

Leaving the windows open during the summer lets the sun and breeze in. However, open windows can also let in a lot of dust. This dust can easily cause an allergy attack leaving you indoors for quite some time. If you have asthma, this can be especially dangerous to breathe in. 

To avoid issues related to dust, you should get into the habit of dusting and washing windows more often. It would help if you also vacuumed curtains as they can trap large amounts of dust and debris in them. A water vacuum cleaner (like the Sirena vacuum cleaner) with the right attachment can be used to clean curtains. 

Clean The Microwave And Behind Appliances

During the summer, the kids are home and this means they are using the kitchen more often. They may be warming up food and snacks more than usual. Sometimes the odor from these snacks can stay in the microwave. Also, the bacteria that kids can bring in from outside can also spread around the kitchen. 

These odors and bacteria can also spread into the rest of your home through the air. So make sure you are cleaning your microwave regularly. Also, use a water vacuum cleaner tool to clean behind the microwave as well as behind other appliances in your kitchen.

Clean All of The Ceiling Fans

One of the biggest problem areas in homes is ceiling fans. They collect the biggest amount of dust and dirt in your home. When they are in use, this dust and dirt then spread to the rest of your home through the air. Many people will pat them down with a wet cloth, but this does not capture all of the dust found on the fan blades. 

The best way to clean ceiling fans is to use a water vacuum cleaner attachment. You will be able to grab more dust and dirt than you used to using a wet cloth.

Wash The Windows Inside And Out

As we mentioned previously, it is important to clean the windows more often during the summer. Use soap and water instead of just your regular window cleaner. You should also spend some time cleaning the window screens. 

Cleaning your windows is never a fun way to spend your day, but it will allow more natural light to come in, and your home will feel brighter and bigger. 

Sweep And Clean Counters Daily

With warmer weather, not only are people getting out more, but so are insects. It is important to clean your counters every day to get rid of these creepy crawlies. 

Crumbs may end up on the floor, and you should try to sweep these up right away or at least once a day. You can also use a water vacuum cleaner to ensure that no little crumbs are left behind. 

With crumbs and other food deposits left on the floor, you’ll attract all sorts of bugs and unwanted pests into your home.

Make Summer Cleaning Easy

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2022 reviews
Ms. M (Laurel, MD)
I love it so far!

I've only had my Sirena for a month, but I was tired of dealing with lesser quality stick vacuums breaking down every year. I'm so glad I decided to splurge on the cost and get this. My carpet is brighter and the room smells fresh and clean when I'm finished.

Donna G (Briarcliff Manor, NY)
Love the Sirena

Had to replace my Rainbow which I had for 30 yrs( the price way too much) decided to try the Sirena . and love it

Sergey Getman (Yerington, NV)
Everything is excellent - as expected

Everything is excellent - as expected. I had a water vacuum cleaner from another manufacture and I can compare. As of today, Sirena Vacuum Cleanre works much better.

Junie Jacobs (Lumberton, NC)

It collects dust and dirt as you clean and vacuum, I love the rollers cadet . It’s still too soon to give a quality review.

Mandesa Powell
My new favorite vacuum

The Sirena is excellent at picking up everything from dust to cat hair on furniture. There is no dusty mess when cleaning up since the water traps everything and deodorizes the air. My only regret is that they didn't have an option to purchase a longer hose to help with stairs.

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