Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Reasons to Avoid Buying a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

There is a lot of hype for a robot vacuum cleaner that uses artificial intelligence to clean. But as exciting as this advance in technology is, it’s still not ready for mass consumption from consumers who can’t afford the poor quality hardware, not-so-smart artificial intelligence, and weak warranties that currently come with most robot-driven vacuums. This blog will explain some of the drawbacks you can expect if you buy a robot vacuum cleaner.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

They Don’t Clean As Well

You may feel like you’re saving time and energy by using a robot vacuum. But, the truth is that it will likely cost you in the long run. 

The companies that design these machines are either great at AI-tech or cleaning tech. The chances that they will make a great cleaning product that also has computers and software that is on par with the most elite tech on the market is very unlikely. 

Robot vacuums will constantly miss spots, get stuck. And, they will fail to give the deep cleaning that only a conscious human being can perform.

They’re Not as Smart as You Think They Are

A robot vacuum will constantly get stuck. Even the most expensive and best-rated models will have trouble navigating a space without a little nudging in the right direction from time to time. 

If you have a robot-driven vacuum, you will likely spend more time trying to correct their misguided behavior than enjoy your own free time. Don’t drive yourself crazy by having to constantly check on and babysit your robot vacuum.

They’re Expensive And Hard to Fix

It’s better to invest your money in a powerful, high-quality vacuum that won’t stop working because of a minor malfunction. 

Quality vacuum manufacturers can usually guarantee their products for almost a decade. But, the technology of an AI-driven vacuum will likely be out of date within a couple years of purchase. 

If something breaks or needs to be replaced, it is difficult to find parts for AI-driven vacuum cleaners. And, if you do find them, it is sure to cost a pretty penny. Research shows that you will pay far more for robot vacuums which run the risk of low performance, accidents, and inconvenient repair experiences.

According to experts, “Robot vacs are more likely to just stop working altogether compared with other types,” and when that fateful moment comes, your repair or replacement options will be slim.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

They Don’t Mix Well With Pets

Sure, it can be funny to watch a dog or cat chase your robot vacuum around the house. But, the gag wears off after your pet damages or is hurt by the automated vacuum. 

Other nightmare scenarios include the AI-driven vacuum running over food bowls or pet droppings and spreading them throughout your home. 

A robot cleaning buddy for your pet may sound like a good idea in theory. But, do your research before finding yourself knee deep in an even bigger mess than you started with.

Looking For The Best Vacuum On The Market?

Customers worldwide trust the Sirena as the best solution for pet hair thanks to its state-of-the-art water-based filtration technology. The Sirena removes debris and particles without bags, which is the most natural and efficient way to clean your surfaces and air. Thanks to its amazing cleaning properties, the Sirena has received the GOLD seal of approval from The Carpet and Rug Institute.

Whether you have allergies, asthma or pets, a Sirena vacuum will blow you away with its cleaning power and ease of use. The Sirena vacuum is guaranteed to become an essential part of your cleaning routine. 

Learn More about the Sirena Vacuum Cleaner and its 10-year-protected-warranty.

What Our Customers Say

Sirena is the new era in home cleaning equipment. I am very excited and impressed to have this as part of my collection. I have used it every day since I got it. No one will ever be sorry they invested in one!

- Tom Gasko, St. James, Missouri

I love my vacuum. I never realized how much dog hair was being left in my carpets. I have 2 German shepherds. They shed 365 days per year. I have gone through many vacuums over the years. I thought my vacuum I had now was getting the job done. Boy was I wrong. Thank you for the best vacuum on the market with a great price.

- Annette Shannon, Jefferson City, Tennessee

I have been in the market researching different products and other brand vacuums. I decided I would give Sirena a try. The product arrived quickly within 1 week of purchase. The vacuum itself came with all the parts and attachments needed. The directions were easy to follow and the vacuum was up and running within 10 minutes. I have never had a vacuum with such great suction. The amount of hair, dirt, and pollen the vacuum extracts from carpet and hardwood is amazing. For allergy sufferers this product is worth every penny!

- Emily Romano, Yardley, Pennsylvania

This vacuum so far has been one of the best I’ve ever had in my life and I can already tell a difference in the air quality of my home. The air purifiers have also been terrific and I’m very happy with my purchases. I was wanting a Rainbow but after discovering the Sirena I’m super happy with the decision I’ve made.

- Clayton Haslett, Effingham, Illinois

Definitely a 5-star vacuum! My wife's family has had a Rainbow vacuum for years, and it works great...BUT, the Sirena vacuum is definitely its equal if not better! Great suction power and a VERY clean house! I would recommend it to anyone! (and I already have!) Keep up the great products!

- Andre Leblond, Loganville, Georgia

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