Your Vacuum Cleaner

Easy Ways to Fix Minor Problems In Your Vacuum Cleaner

When you buy a vacuum cleaner online, you may not have all the details about how to take care of it. Of course, the owner’s manual and online tutorials should be able to answer most general questions about how to operate and perform maintenance on your machine. But there are unique issues that can come up with any vacuum that you can quickly fix or avoid with a few simple tips.

This blog will share these valuable tips with you so that you can avoid costly and inconvenient repair costs for your vacuum.

Your Vacuum Cleaner

Loss of Suction Force Over Time

As your vacuum loses suction over time, it can feel like your vacuum is on its last legs of life. But many vacuum owners have found that a few slight adjustments can revive their device’s suction force overnight, extending its lifespan and maximizing their value. If you notice our vacuum losing suction, clean the filter and make sure there is no blockage in the tubing or engine. If the motor or power system that runs your device is not performing up to snuff, check the warranty and see if you are able to replace or get a new device altogether.

Bag Replacement Costs

Replacing bags isn’t just costly, it can get downright filthy. Finding a water-powered vacuum that doesn’t rely on messy and expensive filters is the life hack to avoid this problem altogether. But if you are stuck with a vacuum that relies on bags to filter our dirt and dust, shop online with wholesale dealers to find bulk deals. That way you won’t constantly run out of bags when you really need them.

Mysterious Burning Smell?

This is a familiar problem for vacuum owners. After heavy use, the belt can wear down and require replacement. As soon as you recognize this smell, stop using your device and replace the belt to avoid further damage or potential danger.

Dusty Airflow

Check your canister to make sure there is enough space for your vacuum to suck in and store the dust that is being collected. If you notice dust leaking out of your vacuum, remove the canister and empty it. If you are still having the same issue, check the filter. In fact, if it’s a washable filter, follow the manufacturer directions to safely remove any debris.

Your Vacuum Cleaner

Get Your Vacuum Cleaner Online From Sirena, Inc.

Customers worldwide trust the Sirena Vacuum System as the best solution for odors and pet hair thanks to its state-of-the-art water-based filtration technology. The Sirena System removes debris and particles from surfaces and air without bags thanks to its water-based filtration technology, which provides the most natural and efficient way to clean. Whether you have allergies, asthma or pets, a Sirena system will blow you away with its cleaning effectiveness and ease of use.

Browse our website to learn more about the Sirena Vacuum Cleaner online and its 10-year-protected-warranty.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2028 reviews
Zaharoula Kotsios (Rincon, GA)
Wonderful product!

I had a rainbow vacuum cleaner for over 20 years until the motor gave out. I didn’t think I would be able to find a replacement product. Turns out the Sirena is a better product that works absolutely great. I’m so glad I found your company.

Tim Stoffel (Detroit, MI)

Light, does a nice job

Karen Brady (Palm Coast, FL)

So thrilled to get my new Sirena vacuum. Years ago my mother had a rexair which was the same water principal. I've wanted one ever since. Now I have it! Have used it twice so far with excellent results. I feel I can breathe better plus the suction is terrific for getting up pet hair and such. I am an avid quilter so this vacuum gets all those little threads and lint balls that fly everywhere. Love it!

P.M. (Rockwood, ON)
The Best Vacuum for a whole new meaning to clean

I purchased the sirena vacuum a couple of years ago and I absolutely love it. The air seems cleaner after vacuuming. So I just purchased the sirena cordless vacuum. This is why sirena only got 4 stars. My one and only problem with the cordless vacuum is that it is a little bit short. Maybe just me but it feels like it should be longer. But awesome job sirena!! You out did filter queen and I did not think that was possible. Thank you Sirena!!

Robert Howard (Denver, CO)
Very Good Machine

Been using an upright for years that has HEPA filters. The filters have to be cleaned regularly and dust still seeps through and escapes back into the air. Wife has very sensitive nose and would leave the room
when I was vacuuming. The Sirena doesn’t allow any dust to escape and my wife is much happier now. The Sirena does require more storage space and set up time to get started vacuuming but works very well for cleaning.

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