Sirena Deep Cleaning Bundle


Sirena Deep Cleaning Bundle




Get 5 best-selling Sirena accessories in one convenient cleaning bundle! Clean hard-to-reach spots with our powerful air-driven Turbo Brush attachment. Keep your Sirena Floor Vacuum operating at maximum efficiency and improve the air quality while you’re vacuuming your home.

Sirena Deep Cleaning Bundle includes these home cleaning products::

  • Sirena Turbo Pet Hair Brush – an air-driven versatile attachment for your Sirena vacuum cleaner. Perfect for cleaning stairs, mattresses, furniture, car seats, and more. Excellent for removing pet hair.
  • Replacement HEPA Filter – rinse every 4-6 months, replace every 12-18 months depending on usage.
  • Replacement Power Nozzle Belt – replace every 3-6 months depending on usage.
  • Ocean Breeze Deodorizer – antibacterial and antifungal solution that also removes any unpleasant smells from the air while you’re vacuuming.
  • Sirena Fragrance Pack – a collection of 4 pet-safe liquid fragrances to use with your Sirena vacuum cleaner or Sirena Twister air purifier.

Sirena’s Deep Cleaning Bundle

Now that you have your Sirena vacuum system, you will need some accessories to make cleaning even easier for you. Instead of buying individual accessories, you should try our Deep Cleaning Bundle. The Sirena Deep Cleaning Bundle features multiple tools that you can use on a variety of surfaces to help you get the deep clean you desire. The Sirena System is one of the top-rated vacuum cleaners on the market and you will need the right tools to keep your cleaning top-notch. How clean your home is will determine you and your family’s overall health.

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What Sirena Owners Are Saying

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Tracy Blagg (Blue Earth, MN)

Sirena Deep Cleaning Bundle

Robert W Gardner
Deep Cleaning Bundle

Great. Better than expected. Bought vacuum and cleaning bundle for wife and raves about it to family and friends. They have noticed difference in cleaning and freshness.

Dorothy Geris (Cambridge, ON)

I am very impressed on how extremely well theSirena vacuuming system works. After I bought the pet hair brush I was ecstatic on how well it picked up the animal hair.. Itwas so effortlessly done. Thanks again from your wonderful products.

Bonnie Baryk (New York, NY)
Best vacuum

This vacuum is great! I’ve owned rainbows in the past and the Sirena does a much better job.

Denise Mullins (Cleveland, MS)
Great bundle

Wouldn't know what to do without my Sirena!

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Sirena Deep Cleaning Bundle
Sirena Deep Cleaning Bundle