Air Purifier’s Auto Mode

Why You Should Never Use Your Air Purifier’s Auto Mode

Auto mode or smart mode is the worst possible setting to leave your air purifier cleaner on. That is, of course, if you care about the air quality in your home. While brands will claim that this mode optimizes the effectiveness of your machine, studies show that these modes are the least efficient at purifying the air. Results show estimates that filters can perform up to 60 percent worse than the 99 percent expected of high-quality HEPA filters. This blog will explain in detail why you should never use your air purifier’s auto mode.

Air Purifier’s Auto Mode

Faulty Air Quality Monitors

The auto mode of your air purifier cleaner is governed by an air quality monitor. The monitor, in fact, is supposed to adjust filtration based on the air quality it measures. The problem is that the monitors are not high quality. This means that they give incorrect readings that tell your machine to work less when it should be working more. As a result, your machine will not reduce an effective amount of particles from the air to protect you, your guests, and your pets.

If you want to ensure safe air for your home, you do not want to trust air quality to auto mode. A high-end air quality monitor will work much better to show you the air quality of your space. You can then make manual adjustments based on that information. But, few manufacturers are going to provide a great air quality monitor inside of a great filter and engineer them both to the highest degree. It is much more likely that companies will take shortcuts with the air quality monitor they install. This won’t hurt the effectiveness of the vacuum unless you are trusting it to be on auto or smart mode instead of using it manually.

How Do You Measure Good Air Quality?

Measuring the microparticles in the air will tell you the air quality. Particle counters measure air quality in micrograms per PM 2.5 limit. Interestingly, the World Health Organization’s yearly limit is 10 micrograms. At about 20 micrograms, some health issues will begin to show. China’s 35 micrograms limit is considered controversially high by some experts. Studies found that when using auto or smart mode on air purifiers, indoor air was double the WHO average PM2.5 limit for 24 hours. That’s why you can never depend on your air purifier’s auto or smart modes to keep your air clean.


Air Purifier’s Auto Mode

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