Espresso Martini

Why An Espresso Martini Is Your New Go-To Cocktail To Serve At Dinner Parties

A boost of energy with your meal can be a welcomed treat after a long and stressful day of entertaining. Keep your dinner parties lively and energetic and shake off the urge to take a nap after a big meal. The combination of sophistication and fun will be a charming escape from the heavy feeling that can come with dinner and a glass of wine or bourbon. This blog will give you all of the dirty details of why an espresso martini is your new go-to cocktail to serve at dinner parties.

Espresso Martini

Espresso Makers Make It Easy

An espresso martini will run you a pretty penny at the bar. But, when you have them on tap, your house will turn into everyone’s favorite happy hour. Keep the fun flowing by serving fresh espresso martinis that taste better than a pro’s. Espresso makers on the market today can turn the long and arduous brewing process into fast fun that. It simply wows your guests and puts any host at ease.

Guests Will Love The Flavor And Fun

The delicious balance of coffee and vodka will awaken the taste buds before and after dinner. Once you serve a few of these cocktails, have the entertainment ready. That is because guests will want to talk, dance and laugh for hours after this delightful shot of excitement. Pretty soon, you will have friends asking to stop by on the way to work for a virgin shot of your espresso. But even if you don’t have ambitions to start your own coffee empire, you will see the value of your espresso machine pay off in other ways over time.

Keep The Party Alive Into The Night

Your espresso maker will love to play bartender for the night as you effortlessly fix these fan favorite drinks for your guests. In fact, your cocktails will be the talk of your circle for weeks to com. Moreover, you will have a few friends pull you aside to ask for your secret recipe. They will be thrilled to keep sipping these wonderful cocktails and you will be free to tend to other hosting duties. 

Entertain Guests With The History Of The Espresso Martini

History says that the Espresso Martini was invented back in 1983. The International Bartender Association’s (IBA) added the drink to its official cocktails list, requiring working bartenders to know it in most places. A bartender working for the Soho Brasserie in London known as Dick Bradsell created the cocktail for a patron who needed to wake up and asked for help. He looked at the coffee machine sitting near the bar and was inspired. The classic ingredients are simple: Kahlua or coffee liqueur, Vodka, Espresso and Baileys Irish cream.

Espresso Martini

Need An Espresso Maker That Can Whip Up Espresso Martinis In Snap?

Sirena’s Prestige Espresso Maker can whip up a double espresso in 90 seconds thanks to 15-bar pressure, a twin-brewing system and advanced frothing features. The Prestige is affordable, easy to clean and protected by the Sirena warranty just like the rest of the Sirena Kitchen bundle.

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