cleaning a mattress

The Dirty Particles That Live On Your Mattress and What You Can Do About It

Have you considered cleaning a mattress using a vacuum? You may want to give it some thought if you want the peace of mind to know you’re sleeping somewhere fresh and clean. Dirt, dust mites, and allergens are just a part of life. We know that they can be found in your mattress, sheets, couch, and even towels. Dust mites and other allergens collect on a mattress in volume when not properly and regularly cleaned. 

cleaning a mattress

Just What Exactly is Living on My Mattress?

This may sound gross, but even in a clean home, there are millions of dust mites living on your mattress. If you have allergies, then choosing to deep clean your mattress with a powerful cleaning tool is essential for keeping allergens at bay.

If you don’t deep clean your mattress, these dust mites and other dirty particles can lead to sneezing, nasal congestion, itchy/watery eyes, skin rashes, and more. You can’t see what’s causing it, and you can’t feel it either. This leads many people to misidentify the causes for their symptoms, when in fact those causes are quite literally lying right under their nose.

What Do All of These Symptoms Mean?

Cleaning your mattress at home is important for your health and overall wellness. Improving your mattress cleaning routine is a way to prevent these symptoms from affecting you short-term, but also in the long-term overall. Cleaning a mattress using a vacuum should become your new routine, as a way to mitigate potential particles that could bother you.

Sleeping on a deeply cleaned mattress can improve your breathing, your quality of sleep, your air quality, and overall health in general. Many people have allergies or asthma, which can be exacerbated by the presence of dust mites in a mattress. A water vacuum is a powerful and efficient way to clean those particles.

cleaning a mattress

Cleaning a Mattress Using a Vacuum from Sirena

The Sirena vacuum is perfect for cleaning mattresses because it uses high-quality water filtration technology to suck up particles from deep within the fabric where dust mites love to live. By cleaning a mattress using a vacuum, particularly a water vacuum, you get a deep cleaning that uses innovative technology to pull up allergens and particles from deep beneath the surface.

To keep your mattress free of dust mites, you need to clean it regularly using a Sirena water vacuum. Once every two weeks is a recommendation by cleaning experts. Don’t let your mattress harbor dirty particles, mites, and other allergens. Clean it now, and do it easily with the one-of-a-kind Sirena water vacuum. Shop now!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2027 reviews
Tim Stoffel (Detroit, MI)

Light, does a nice job

Karen Brady (Palm Coast, FL)

So thrilled to get my new Sirena vacuum. Years ago my mother had a rexair which was the same water principal. I've wanted one ever since. Now I have it! Have used it twice so far with excellent results. I feel I can breathe better plus the suction is terrific for getting up pet hair and such. I am an avid quilter so this vacuum gets all those little threads and lint balls that fly everywhere. Love it!

P.M. (Rockwood, ON)
The Best Vacuum for a whole new meaning to clean

I purchased the sirena vacuum a couple of years ago and I absolutely love it. The air seems cleaner after vacuuming. So I just purchased the sirena cordless vacuum. This is why sirena only got 4 stars. My one and only problem with the cordless vacuum is that it is a little bit short. Maybe just me but it feels like it should be longer. But awesome job sirena!! You out did filter queen and I did not think that was possible. Thank you Sirena!!

Robert Howard (Denver, CO)
Very Good Machine

Been using an upright for years that has HEPA filters. The filters have to be cleaned regularly and dust still seeps through and escapes back into the air. Wife has very sensitive nose and would leave the room
when I was vacuuming. The Sirena doesn’t allow any dust to escape and my wife is much happier now. The Sirena does require more storage space and set up time to get started vacuuming but works very well for cleaning.

Martha Stapleton (Pineville, KY)
Happy customer

My old Rainbow vac died on me after 30 + years of service. I was searching for something similar and found the Sirena. It was delievered very quickly after ordering on line. It was just what I wanted, similar to my old friend but better In Several ways. The price compared to another brand was great and the pick up is far better. I’m a happy customer.

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