Genius Cleaning Hacks

Genius Cleaning Hacks For Every Cleanliness Freak

If you recently shopped for or bought a vacuum cleaner online, then it’s obvious that you are serious about keeping your space clean and free of odors and debris. But having the tools to do an elite cleaning isn’t enough if you’re not informed of the best techniques for using them.

In addition to regular cleaning, there are many valuable hacks we have learned over the decades that clean freaks can rely on to ease their nerves. This blog will share six genius cleaning hacks that every clean freak will value for life!

Genius Cleaning Hacks

Grab a Window Squeegee For Pet Hair!

A window squeegee is surprisingly good at lifting pet hair and debris from carpets and couches. Just fill it with water and rub the surface like a window, then marvel at how well it picks up short pet hair that can elude most cleaning tools.

Get Stubborn Dirt And Hair With a Lint Roller

Some crumbs and hair grab so deep into your carpet’s fibers that even a powerful vacuum will struggle to detach. One great hack for this problem is a lint roller, which will stick to the debris and pull it up out of your carpet.

Hydrogen Peroxide And Vinegar

You can create a healthy and organic natural cleaning solution with hydrogen peroxide and vinegar. Take a spray bottle and fill it with the following:

  •       A  ¾ cup of Hydrogen Peroxide
  •       A ¼ cup white vinegar
  •       5 drops of essential oils
  •       2 tablespoons of dish soap
  •       2 tablespoons of fabric softener
  •       And one gallon of hot but not boiling water

This recipe will create a potent deep cleaning liquid that can outperform store-bought chemicals and shampoo machines.

Baking Soda For Oil Stains

Combine baking soda with essential oil and citrus drops then sprinkle it on your carpet.

Let this cleaning powder refresh your surfaces for 10-15 minutes before vacuuming it up and enjoying your visibly cleaner and better smelling carpet.

Shaving Cream Cuts Through Dirt

High traffic causes dirt patches on light carpets. From dust that slowly accumulates to accidents that happen in the blink of an eye, your carpet is under constant attack. Any brand of shaving cream acts as an anti-aging cream for your carpet by removing deep skid marks and stains that can be caused by kids, pets and shoes.

Ice Will Keep Your Carpet Fluffy

Those dents that furniture leaves in your carpet can be revived to their original fluffiness simply by treating them with an ice cube, towel and iron.

Place an ice cube over your carpet’s dead spot and let it melt. Use a towel to absorb the wet water then run an iron over the towel to evaporate the water and dry the spot. Once dry, you can use your fingers to fluff the spot.

Genius Cleaning Hacks

Looking For The Biggest Cleaning Hack On The Market?

The Sirena is the world’s best bagless vacuum cleaner thanks to its state-of-the-art water-based filtration technology that removes dust, dirt, allergens, and bad odors. The Sirena vacuum cleaner cleans not only carpets and floors but also furniture, walls, ceilings, and even the air itself!

Feel free to browse our online store to see why so many have fallen in love with their Sirena vacuum cleaner.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2027 reviews
Tim Stoffel (Detroit, MI)

Light, does a nice job

Karen Brady (Palm Coast, FL)

So thrilled to get my new Sirena vacuum. Years ago my mother had a rexair which was the same water principal. I've wanted one ever since. Now I have it! Have used it twice so far with excellent results. I feel I can breathe better plus the suction is terrific for getting up pet hair and such. I am an avid quilter so this vacuum gets all those little threads and lint balls that fly everywhere. Love it!

P.M. (Rockwood, ON)
The Best Vacuum for a whole new meaning to clean

I purchased the sirena vacuum a couple of years ago and I absolutely love it. The air seems cleaner after vacuuming. So I just purchased the sirena cordless vacuum. This is why sirena only got 4 stars. My one and only problem with the cordless vacuum is that it is a little bit short. Maybe just me but it feels like it should be longer. But awesome job sirena!! You out did filter queen and I did not think that was possible. Thank you Sirena!!

Robert Howard (Denver, CO)
Very Good Machine

Been using an upright for years that has HEPA filters. The filters have to be cleaned regularly and dust still seeps through and escapes back into the air. Wife has very sensitive nose and would leave the room
when I was vacuuming. The Sirena doesn’t allow any dust to escape and my wife is much happier now. The Sirena does require more storage space and set up time to get started vacuuming but works very well for cleaning.

Martha Stapleton (Pineville, KY)
Happy customer

My old Rainbow vac died on me after 30 + years of service. I was searching for something similar and found the Sirena. It was delievered very quickly after ordering on line. It was just what I wanted, similar to my old friend but better In Several ways. The price compared to another brand was great and the pick up is far better. I’m a happy customer.

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