Replacement HEPA Filter


Replacement HEPA Filter



Every Sirena Vacuum Cleaner comes with one HEPA filter pre-installed. This is a genuine Sirena Replacement HEPA filter that will keep your Sirena Vacuum Cleaner functioning properly for many years. This HEPA filter helps keep the air clean and fresh, no matter how much dust is aerosolized.

We recommend rinsing the filter every 4 months and getting a vacuum HEPA filter replacement every 12-18 months.

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Replacement HEPA Filter

A HEPA filter can trap a large amount of small particles that many other vacuum cleaners might not be able to pick up. Purchasing a water vacuum with a HEPA filter is the perfect combination to keep your home fresh and clean at all times. HEPA is essentially an acronym for high-efficiency particulate absorption. A HEPA vacuum can reduce or eliminate dander, dust, and allergens in your home. It is the best vacuum to help families who suffer from allergies.

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Customer Reviews

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Rhonda (Galax, VA)
HEPA filter replacement

Great product and price to maintain my system at peak performance! I replace the filter annually.

Judy Wise (Fairburn, GA)
Replacement HEPA Filter

This was ordered as a backup so when it's needed I have one on hand. I would imagine that it will work fine.

Michelle Hutchson (Blair, NE)
Best Purchase!

I wish I had bought one years ago. I suffer from horrible allergies from dust, and this vacuum removes the dust very well.

Craig Massey (St Louis, MO)
Hepa filter

Works great

Betti Brockman (Edmonton, AB)
Hepa Filter Replacement

Works well. Does the job. Good instructions and easy to install. Thank you.

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Replacement HEPA Filter
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