Sirena Inc. Expands U.S. Operations to Encompass Orlando, FL

Orlando, FL – Feb. 25, 2016 – Sirena Inc., president, Toufic Khayrallah, announced that the company now has a service and distribution facility in Orlando, FL. The new location is part of the company’s continuing North American expansion efforts.“We found the volume of business from southern states warranted the expansion,” said Khayrallah. “This will allow us to offer superior customer service to retail customers, as well as faster turnaround times for dealer orders.”

The Florida facility brings the company’s U.S. locations to two. Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, the firm also has a distribution center in Pennsylvania. Sirena Inc. manufacturers the most advanced residential vacuum cleaner system on the market, developed specifically for pet owners and individuals with allergies. Available in 32 countries, the system features water filtering for a healthier environment.

The unique vacuum system utilizes water-based filtration for 100 percent cleaning efficiency and air purification. The vacuum provides a deep-down clean of all carpet types and there are no vacuum bags for disposal. The system contains a washable HEPA filter, eliminates odors and provides individuals with a substantial reduction in allergy symptoms. Each vacuum comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Carpeting provides a comfortable, soft surface but it traps dirt, pet hair, bacteria and allergens that can be particularly detrimental to children and those with breathing conditions. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the air in homes can be up to 20 times more polluted than outside air and the situation is exacerbated by indoor heating and air-conditioning systems.

It also features a mode in which the vacuum draws air in, filters it through the water and returns clean air into the home. When eucalyptus oil is placed in the vacuum’s water, it creates a cool mist vaporizer effect. The Sirena Inc. water-based vacuum is space technology certified and has earned the seal of approval for green label certified vacuums for indoor air quality.

The addition of Sirena Inc.’s new service and distribution facility in Orlando, FL provides consumers with enhanced access and availability to the company’s environmentally-friendly vacuum. While the company’s unique water-based cleaning design was developed to address the needs of pet owners and allergy sufferers, it provides a cleaner indoor environment for everyone concerned about air quality.


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Sirena Inc. is the creator of the Sirena total home cleaning system. The vacuum system utilizes water to filter and remove dirt and pet hair in carpets for a more hygienic environment without the need for old-fashioned paper filters. The firm maintains a presence on FacebookTwitterGoogle +YouTube and Instagram.


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