Sirena Twister

Air Purifier For Home Or Office

We are very excited to present the Sirena Twister - the latest addition to the Sirena product family. Perfect for both home and office use, Sirena Twister will circulate the air in the room while purifying, refreshing, and aromatizing it.

Breathe Easy! Sirena Twister Freshens, Deodorizes, And Aromatizes The Air Around You.

With its compact design and a choice of cap colors, Sirena Twister fits perfectly into any home or office interior. You can place your Sirena Twister virtually anywhere: nightstands, coffee tables, kitchen countertops, even on the floor!

Sirena Twister creates a swirling bath of water and gradually circulates the air around you purifying and refreshing it.

While you only need plain water to use the Sirena Twister you can greatly enhance your experience by adding a few drops of any of the Sirena Fragrances or the Ocean Breeze Deodorizer into the water.

Make your home or office smell like a pine forest or let the breeze of the ocean fill the room!

Sirena Twister can also be used as a nightlight. Long-lasting, 7-color LEDs illuminate the water to produce soft shimmering light which fills the room.

The combination of soothing hum and soft light effects makes Sirena Twister a perfect night-time companion.

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